A curated list of resources that I hope provides value to you, too.

Have something to share or found something here that resonated? Let me know.

Crypto + blockchain

Why Decentralization Matters / on the exponential power of decentralized systems

Crypto library / a collection of multimedia resources compiled by Fulvia - I recommend starting in the "Collections" section

She256 / community focused on diversity in blockchain, with education & mentorship

Crypto wants to be seen / on designing crypto products with the right amount of abstraction


Design Details / weekly podcast on just about everything tech design with two fun hosts

ADPList / accessible design mentorship, chat directly with designers in the industry

Blacks Who Design & Latinx Who Design / for sourcing amazing design talent who are underrepresented

Design books by Womxn & People of Color / bookshelf curated by Yuan Wang

Startups & designing your career

Trends and Timescales / on choosing the industry you work in

Principle-Agent Problem / on thinking like a principal and designing incentives

High Agency / on cultivating your own high agency and spotting it

Design's seat at the cap table / on the importance of designers as angel investors and micro-investing

Other goodies

Young Urban Zen / Zen meditation talks & teachings

Baron Fig - Confidant notebook / thoughtfully designed notebooks, and what got me started with journaling

Folklore Circles / an unexpectedly beautiful mashup album of two artists you probably know but never associated, complemented by poetic liner notes

Lastly, a gift of exponential thinking

“Most people get bogged down in linear opportunities. Be willing to let small opportunities go to focus on potential step changes.

I think the biggest competitive advantage in business—either for a company or for an individual’s career—is long-term thinking with a broad view of how different systems in the world are going to come together. One of the notable aspects of compound growth is that the furthest out years are the most important. In a world where almost no one takes a truly long-term view, the market richly rewards those who do.

Trust the exponential, be patient, and be pleasantly surprised.”

- Sam Altman