I’m a generalist that enjoys tackling a problem from start to finish, from initial user research to hi-fi prototyping. My favorite moments are uncovering the “unknown unknowns” about other humans and working with engineers to bring a solution to life, down to the last pixel and micro-interaction. I thrive in ambiguous problem spaces and in bringing clarity to chaos.

Currently focusing on crypto + web3.

Anchorage is a digital asset platform for institutions. As the first in-house designer, I built the design system and designed cross-platform experiences in transacting, lending, governance, and more. Experienced growth from 30 to 150 employees.

Case study upon request.

Mockup of Anchorage designs on web and mobile platforms

Capital One has an enterprise risk management platform that allows underwriters & asset managers to track their portfolio of loans. I designed the navigation and team management experience.

Case study upon request.

Mockup of Capital One dashboard designs on web platform


Before I formally pursued design, I scribbled down my ideas for improving the data analytics platform that I was writing queries in. I shared them with my team and was surprised at the power of persuasion that some playful illustrations could have in the corporate consulting world. Since then, I’ve used the tablet and stylus for sketch-noting and personal thought-organizing. An advocate for creative storytelling, I believe that hand-drawn images in organic form can have a powerful effect on elevating messages.

Mockup of a business diagram illustration for an analytics initiativeMockup of lettering illustrations on notepadsMockup of an Edward Tufte infographic illustrationMockup of financial-themed illustrationIllustration of human figures falling gracefully among fluffy cloudsIllustration of manIllustration of womanIllustration of a side-profile of a girl with gears where her brain isIllustration of a person's head with a mask onLettering illustration of the word "monsoon" with raindrop effectLettering illustration of the word "Holocene" for an imaginary coffee company logoIllustration of a Chinese Zodiac paper placemat with the rat jumping off in three framesLettering illustration of a 3d letter "A"